Kegmiser MK3

Kegmieser MK3

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Quick Overview

Ideal for Stocktakers and publicans alike.

Can measure any type of keg.

The Mk3 Kegmiser is precalibrated for several barrel sizes.

NOTE: This product is discontinued

Out of stock

The Mk3 Kegmiser is precalibrated for several barrel sizes and can be conveniently packaged in a carrying case which maintains a high standard of hygiene. The unit is independent of keg head pressure. Individual keg measurements take typically 15 seconds and are displayed in large LED digits which are easily read in the worst lighting conditions that can exist in cellars and warehouses.


  • Cost effective travelling stockchecking
  • Quick and reliable local stock control
  • Accurate control of beer returns
  • Avoids manual handling of heavy kegs
  • Covers ALL types of tapping head
  • Gives essential information for financial reporting systems
  • Contents Displayed in Gallons or Litres


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